About Us

Our  company  FOODCATERING  was built  some years ago,  we are offering catering service such as a long time, we have already  made  catering  for many  formal events so we can say we are experencied  in this way.

We are a good team of  skillful  specialists,, professionals who know how to prepare and serve  delicious, tasty  food, we have had lots of satisfied clients and  a lot of successful events made by ourselves.

In our company we prefer to use just only high quality products. But particularly we are interested to needs of every client. We just offer our experiences and the high quality catering service.

Our customers could confirm that fact we always try to to do the best for them, careful service and that fact they  always can rely on us.

Thanks to this we can adapt to different  client demands. The value of our service is a new  food  style service, creative  and imaginative  menu  offer , the innovation and original ways of  gastronomy catering services at  various  events and formal meetings.

All the time we   follow  popular , up-to-date trends,  new ways of improvement and try to be more creative in our  work.

All our  team planned activities are full of  experiences, professionality and reliability.