Creative slates served with a choice of the Mediterranean specialities and fresh vegetables.

selection of Slovak ham, sausages, sausage 35,00 €
selection of Slovak cheeses with grapes and nuts 35,00 €
the big choice of selected home and foreign kinds of cheese decorated with fresh grapes and nuts. 39,00 €
choice of home and foreign teas and specialties 39,00 €
selection of Italian and French premium cheeses with grapes, strawberries and exotic nuts 45,00 €
selection of smoked and unheated cheeses decorated with fresh figs, honey and grapes 45,00 €

Mediterranean specialties

marinated dried tomatoes, shrimp cocktail in a list of radicchio, olives, mozzarello basil skewer with cherry tomatoes, cantaloup melon, roasted balzamico, grilled aubergine and zucchini, small sour onions, grissini, parmesan, prosciutto, rucolla, valerian-decorated with timian and rosemary flowers . 39,00 €
marinated Norwegian salmon with giant olives, Shoya sauce, grisini  / 500g 29,00 €
chicken Satay in smoked parakeet in combination with curry with fine humus  / 1000g 29,00 €
English roast beef, medium rare with dijon dressing and rucola / 500g 33,00 €